"Life,the Universe and Everything"

{January 8, 2013}   Are You Ready For The Ride Of Your Life?

In the last 2-3 years, I used to think a lot about my life.
“Grey” and “Why?” probably summarizes my thoughts on it.
A colour which takes no definite stand – A question which has no definite answer.

But life has long taught me that it isn’t about “Black” or “White”;
It is also not about the morbid “Why?” or the ever famous “When?”…
In fact, life is not even about “You” or “Yours”,
Most importantly, life is almost never “Fair”.

The sooner we understand and accept this, the more at peace we will be.

Life, as far as I know, does only one thing –
With the sadness, with the emptiness, with the hollows, with the scars;
Not to forget,
With the laughter, with the ever fleeting happiness, with the highs, with the joys;
It does one thing and one thing only…

Garrett McNamara in Action: Recognized by Guinness World Records for surfing the largest wave of 78foot in Portugal in November 2011

No Life doesn’t Surf…but then again in a way it does, don’t you think? In Photo: Garrent McNamara, Surfer in Action

Life Goes On
…With or Without You.

The Question Is:
Are You Ready For The Ride Of Your Life?

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